Black checker plate rubber mat flooring supplied by the metre 120cm (1.2 metre)
Black checker plate rubber mat flooring supplied by the metre 120cm (1.2 metre) rubber mat flooring Black checker plate

Diamond Checker Plate Rubber Matting Flooring Garage Sheeting - supplied by the metre (1.2 metres wide)

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Sheeting Diamond Checker Plate Rubber Flooring. Ideal applications include Carpet Protection, Floor covering in vans, Custom car mats, Car boot liners, Bench Covering, Toolbox/ Trolley lining, Gym matting, Car flooring and more. Supplied by the metre.
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    Key Features
  • Diamond checker-plate rubber flooring supplied by the metre
  • Available in different patterns: Button, Ribbed, Checker Plate and Diamond
  • Popular uses for this matting - toolbox / trolley lining, caravan / camping, garage flooring, workbench covering, vehicle matting, car boot liners, step and ramp covering, workshop flooring, boat steps and walkways, kennel and vet matting and more
  • 120cm wide and 3mm thick.
  • Material: High quality industrial rubber
  • Cut to order from a 20 metre roll
  • Multiple orders will be sent as a single continuous piece up to 20 metres providing correct shipping method is selected
  • For orders over 10 metres please contact us directly

1.2 metre wide Diamond Checker-plate rubber flooring supplied by the metre. This heavy duty, non-slip matting is ideal for home or commercial use. A durable matting that can be cut to suit your application using a metal straight edge such as a steel rule or metal spirit level and a sharp knife. This will follow the shape of a surface and can be secured if required with double sided carpet tape or a contact adhesive / vinyl adhesive. 

Popular applications include:

Carpet Protection

As a temporary protection over carpets / flooring while work is being carried out and materials and equipment are being moved, ideal for exhibitions and trade shows, also suitable where heavy foot fall is expected especially where mud and dirt is being trodden in from the outside.

Floor Covering in Van

The perfect covering for box or panel van floors. It's easy to keep clean and it has good surface resistance to help prevent un-secured items from sliding across the floor while driving (Great for delivery vehicles). Stick over ply lining to provide a tidy durable surface.

Perfect for the Gym

Great as protection for the existing flooring under weights, running machines and other gym equipment.

Great on Boats

This could be cut to fit steps and walkways on a boat and can provide an improved level of grip even when wet.

Step and Ramp Covering

Can be used to cover step treads to give additional grip, can also be used to cover wooden ramps to provide additional grip and protection to the ramp. (Ribbed rubber matting is highly recommended)

Custom Car Mats / Car Boot Liners

Can be cut to suit your vehicle, whether you’re a dog walker and need to line the boot floor to prevent the carpet getting muddy or you have a vehicle that you can’t buy floor mats to suit, this can be used to custom make your own.

Bench Covering

Great as a bench covering in a production assembly or service and repair department, it is easy to clean and provides good impact resistance if items are dropped onto it, resisting damage to the flooring and reducing the likelihood of damage to the item dropped.

Tool Box / Trolley Lining

Can be cut to line the draws of a tool box or work trolley.

Workshop Flooring

Can be used on workshop, shed or out-house floors to provide a clean and easily maintainable covering which provides separation from the material below, often insulating the user’s feet from a cold surface such as a concrete floor.

Perfect for Off-Road Vehicles

Perfect floor matting that can be jet washed down at the end of the day. For this application you may wish to secure with a suitable contact adhesive or stainless steel washers and screws or pop rivets.

This could also be used where aluminium checker plate is used to protect the surface of a stepwing (providing the material below is strong enough).

Camping and Caravanning

This could be used in storage areas in caravans and motor homes where bikes and muddy items get stored. Would also form a good barrier under a ground sheet.

Great in Kennels and Equestrian Areas, Vets, Pet Grooming Areas

Can be used as a bench, floor, wall covering which is tidy, durable and easily cleaned.

General Vehicle Use

Can be used on running boards on vintage vehicles, under battery trays to help prevent corrosion, for custom applications on Trucks, agricultural vehicles and Taxi cabs where a protective rubber surface is required, or to line the floor of a trailer.

Marquees and Tents

Perfect as a Marquee or Exhibition Tent flooring on sheet timber as an easy to clean surface that can be simply washed clean.

Great on a Garage Wall

Where the size of cars has increased over the years, the size of garages is slow to catch-up, fit strips of this to the wall inside your garage to prevent damage to the paintwork on the edge of your car door.

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