Eclipse 30mm Ferrite Magnetic Disc pk 10 CM702-R

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Ideal for mounting and holding applications

  • 250° maximum operating temperature
  • Excellent resistance to corrosion
  • High resistance to demagnetisation

Ferrite disc magnets are round coin-shaped ceramic ferrite magnets of varying diameter and thickness. They are almost always manufactured as axially magnetised ceramic ferrite magnets.

Our ferrite disc magnets would be supplied as axially magnetised ferrite disc magnets unless we state otherwise. They  have been magnetised along the central axis so the poles are at either end of the disc (a North on one side; a South on the other side).

Ferrite disc magnets can be stacked on top of each other to create taller magnets which can offer more potential performance. As the ferrite discs height increases the performance will also increase until extra height starts to give less benefit per magnet addition. Eventually the performance plateaus off as the height increases, at which point a larger diameter disc magnet may be needed if more performance is required.

Starting with thinner magnets then increasing height is a good test method when you are unsure what performance and/or magnet size you require. Ferrite disc magnets can be glued in place as required. They do not like being press fitted - too more compaction force risks breaking, chipping or shattering the magnets. The ceramic ferrite disc magnets give more pull force when attracting another magnet than when attracting a ferromagnetic (e.g. mild steel) part.


Key Specifications

Diameter - 30mm

Thickness - 5mm

Weight - 17.7g

Pull Force - 0.262kg

Units per Pack - 10

More Information
TypeFerrite Magnetic Disc
BrandEclipse Magnetics
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